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Christian Eriksen will take part in the middlesbrough match

Christian Eriksen, Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho confirmed that the Danish player will play a game on Tuesday. In the recent period, there have been many sports news and reports confirming that Christian Eriksen refused to renew his contract with English club Tottenham. And many European clubs are seeking to join the player. Where the player […]

Neymar da Silva prefers Xavi to take over Barcelona

Neymar da Silva, After the news was released in the last hours about the dismissal of coach Valverde from Barcelona. More than one coach has been announced to take over the management of the Spanish team. Among the most prominent names that have been talked about assuming Barcelona training. Xavi Hernandez, Mauricio Pochettino. As there […]

Ernesto Valverde is leaving Barcelona

Ernesto Valverde, Barcelona officials have always confirmed their adherence to the team’s coach. The assistants of the technical manager asserted that the contract period between the coach and the team was completed. However, the recent period seems to be that Barcelona fans pressured the management of the club. The team also lost the Spanish Super […]

Real Madrid supercopa champion 2020

Real Madrid supercopa champion, Real Madrid beat arch-foe Atletico Madrid on penalties. The match that was held at Al-Jawhara Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Where the match was strong from the two teams. Atletico Madrid were the closest to victory, especially at the end of the match. Valverde got a red card at the end […]

Manchester United wins three in English League Cup

Manchester United qualified for the semi-finals of the English League Cup after winning three goals for Colchester United. In the match that brought the two teams together on Wednesday evening. The match witnessed great control by United players. The Manchester star, especially Rashford. One-sided match Manchester United players appeared strongly throughout the game, despite their […]

Liverpool qualifies for Club World Cup final with two goals in Monterrey

Brazilian player Roberto Firmenio scored the winning goal for Liverpool in the last minute of the match against the Mexican team Monterrey. which gave a strong performance against the European champions with all its stars. Where the Reds progressed in the game after scoring the first goal in the 11th minute of the match with […]

Qatar’s Al Sadd match with Tunisia’s Esperance in fifa Club World Cup

The Esperance club will face Qatar’s Al Sadd in the match that will be held on Tuesday at the Khalifa International Stadium to determine the fifth and sixth place in the Club World Cup currently held in the State of Qatar. Also, the Liverpool club arrived yesterday in the Qatari capital, Doha, to participate in […]

Real Madrid rejects the top of La Liga and tied with Valencia

French star Karim Benzema scored the equalizer for Real Madrid against Valencia in the match that brought them together at Mestalla Stadium in round 17 of La Liga. Benzema scored the Real Madrid goal in the 94th minute of the match, and Valencia scored the 78th minute goal from Carlos Soler. The Royal Club raised […]

Manchester City defeats Arsenal by three in Premier League

Manchester City has reached 35 points in the Premier League, where it is four points away from second-placed Leicester City, and is still 14 points away from leaders Liverpool. The Arsenal club continued in ninth place with 22 points. Man City succeeded in imposing control over the events of the meeting at the Emirates Stadium. […]

Ronaldo leads Juventus to beat Udinese in Seria A

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals that led his team Juventus to victory over Udinese in the meeting, which ended in a goal of three goals. Where Bianconeri became at the forefront of the Serie A arrangement. With the same number of points of the Inter club, 39 points, which drew with the club […]

The benefits of swimming for the body

The benefits of swimming for the body and therefore the soul: Countless! The natatorium is incredibly widespread, and if you observe swimming properly, the advantages of swimming for your health are unnumbered. Let’s study the advantages of swimming. In fact swimming is one in all the foremost healthy and safe sports . throughout swimming, the assorted joints within the body bear the minimum load, and therefore the gyro makes a relentless and moderate effort. The benefits of swimming The effort spent […]

Swimming education for kids

Swimming education for kids Swimming education for kids Babies and youngsters will learn swimming skills; babies aged 6-12 months can learn to carry their breath for a second after they enter the water. At the age of nineteen months, they will learn to run towards the sting of the pool. In 2 years they will begin to show them swimming skills. kids between three and five years olderwould like 20-30 lessons to be able to enter alittle four.5 m swimming bath, whereas taking safety measures. At 6-9 years they typically would like 8-20 lessons. it’s noteworthy that the fundamental patterns of swimming […]

Information concerning swimming sport

Information concerning swimming sport Swimming could be a quite aquatic sport, associate degree activity practiced by folks with expertise and coaching for recreation and entertainment or to participate in international and Olympic races. Swimming could be a description of the form of the human movement or the organism generally within the water while not proving his feet or body on rock bottom of the water level, that is to go away the body members and move them within the water inside an exacttechnique. the advantages of swimming Water stimulates muscles to […]

How to float on water

How to float on water Boating on the water could be a good way to urge accustomed it and feel comfy to get out. it’s additionally fun and quietwhile not having to try to to all the hassle needed to swim. 1st you would like to grasp a way to change your head and higher and lower components of your body to the proper position in order that it floats on your back gently. the attractive water buoyancy is that, additionally to being a helpful swimming ability, it’s additionally a serious factor of safety if you discover yourself at any time […]

Explanation of swimming

Explanation of swimming a way to learn to swim  In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful  Abu Huraira could Supreme Being be happy with him said: The traveler of Allah peace be upon him: “The sturdy believer is healthier, and that i like to God from the weak believer altogether smart. If you are doing one thing like that, it’s such and such, however say: God’s destiny, and no matter he needs to try and do, if you open the work […]

Total Alkalinity

As said previously, complete alkalinity reveals to you how much basic substances are in the water. In pool or spa water this ought to be bicarbonate alkalinity. You need to have the alkalinity in a scope of 80 ppm to 120 ppm.  Alkalinity estimates the obstruction of the water to changes in pH. This is […]

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